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Irregular Growth On Face Disappeared After Confessing God’s Word

June 2017, United States

For several years, I had a growth on my face that concerned me. It first looked like an ordinary freckle or mole, but began to grow into an irregular shape and became raised. The thought of skin cancer was at the back of my mind.

I began to embrace teachings from preachers ... Read More

Husband’s Cyst Miraculously Gone, Surgery Cancelled

May 2017, Singapore

A few months ago, my husband went for a medical checkup after noticing an abnormal growth on his scrotum. It was diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and he was scheduled for surgery to remove it.

I was worried and had negative thoughts. As I tried to calm myself down, I ... Read More

Received Good GPA And Best Performance Awards

May 2017, Singapore

In secondary school (high school) in Singapore, I was just an average student. When I entered a polytechnic institute, I made a huge mistake by enrolling in a course that I was not passionate about. I regretted my decision deeply, cried every day, and beat myself up for ... Read More

No More Pain From Scorpion Sting After Declaring God’s Healing

April 2017, United States

My family and I live in Arizona where we would come across scorpions from time to time. Recently, due to some construction work nearby, we started seeing more scorpions in our yard and even inside our home.

I asked the Lord to remove every one of them from our path, but ... Read More

Warts Disappeared After Confessing God’s Word

February 2017, Philippines

Pastor Prince, I started following your teachings about six or seven years ago, and my eyes were opened to the grace of God. I learned that I could receive good that I did not deserve, because Jesus received punishment that He did not deserve at the cross.

A few months ... Read More

Pain In Heel Gone Instantly After Proclaiming God’s Healing

January 2017, Singapore

In a recent church service, Pastor Prince preached that we can freely receive healing because Jesus fully paid for it with His life at the cross.

That afternoon, I was practicing backflips in my neighborhood when I accidentally landed on my heel. I felt an excruciating ... Read More

Set Free From 20-Year Smoking Addiction

October 2016, Singapore

I have been a Christian since 2008. When I got born again, I was so in love with Jesus. However, gradually, I felt that I was not doing enough for God. I also had a detestable addiction to smoking that lasted for twenty years.

Back then, I was serving in my church choir ... Read More

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