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No More Homeless, Experiencing Favor

January 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, I have been in ministry for years serving as a lay pastor, teacher, counselor, and even itinerant speaker. However, I suffered many things including abuse, abandonment, grief, poor health, poverty, and lack. And I resigned myself to believing that this was my ... Read More

Experiencing God’s Favor In Career And Business

January 2017, Uganda

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-six-year-old who lived the last few years with no regard for God. I spent all my time in nightclubs and bars, and was homeless and jobless for almost a year.

One day, the Lord reached out to me and I began to seek Him. But I struggled in my ... Read More

Experiencing Great Favor After Hearing The Gospel

June 2016, India

In 2001, I received the Lord into my life. After that, by the grace of God, my entire family—my parents and brother—received Christ as well.

Three years later, in November 2004, I started attending church with the help of a friend. I was taught a different ... Read More

Blessed With Dream Job Despite Odds

June 2016, Philippines

More than a year ago, I quit my job to find a more secure position. This was a leap of faith for me. Nevertheless, I trusted that God would be with me and that I didn’t have to be afraid.

Months went by and I was still jobless until a relative recommended me to the ... Read More

Experiencing Success In Business After Being Retrenched

August 2015, South Africa

I had always felt like a total failure, as I had always been last in everything—in school, in college, in sports, and in work. I had never experienced success in anything and thought I would ever do well in life. 

In 2005, after working for fifteen years in a ... Read More

Received God’s Much-More Restoration With New Job

July 2015, Singapore

Since the latter half of 2014, I have been trying to get a job after I left previous my job as an interior designer. But the hunt was so disappointing. Even after applying for more than 500 jobs, there were still no offers. This got me worried and I asked God to direct me ... Read More

Secured Place At A Prestigious University Despite Odds

June 2015, India

In 2012, I was struggling to get into a good engineering institution, as my entrance test scores were not good enough. At that time, I was living with all sorts of feelings of condemnation and guilt, thinking that God had forgotten me, left me, and no longer cared for me.

... Read More

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