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Eyesight Supernaturally Restored

October 2014, United States

I started this life being unwanted, even before I took my first breath. After I was born, I was passed on to anyone who would take me. When I was old enough, I worked for wages I never saw. I was also abused multiple times and I never felt worthy nor accepted.

Even after ... Read More

Freed From Seventeen Years Of Drug Addiction

October 2014, United States

I began listening to the gospel of grace after being introduced to Joseph Prince by my boyfriend and his mother. What Joseph teaches—that right believing leads to right living—has manifested in my life. I used to be addicted to methamphetamine and was an addict ... Read More

Freed From Addiction To Pornography

September 2014, Ghana

At the age of nine or ten, I began masturbating and I always felt dirty and unwanted because of what I did. As a pastor’s daughter, I already knew the Lord at a very young age and I was going to church. The enemy plagued me with thoughts of condemnation, asking, ... Read More

No Longer Depressed Or Suicidal

August 2014, United States

A year ago, I was going through a dark time. At that time, my husband was a pastor and I was facing rejection from the church leadership as they were not ready to embrace the changes they’d brought us onboard to bring about. This led to a depression so great, I was ... Read More

Set Free From Loneliness And Fear

August 2014, United States

I suffered for years under condemnation and wrong believing. I used to read the Bible through the lens of fear, and watched relationships and careers in my grasp just crumble.

I was lonely and angry, and felt that God would never offer me another fresh day—like the ... Read More

Fearful Heart Restored By A Tenderhearted Jesus

April 2014, United States

I wanted to write to thank your ministry for completely transforming my life.

Almost two years ago, I’d innocently clicked on a video that I should never have watched. It was an online video about a Christian man who said that he had a heart attack, died, and had ... Read More

No More Cancer After Reading Unmerited Favor

April 2014, United States

In 2013, my husband was diagnosed with stage four nasopharyngeal carcinoma (nose cancer). He went through a heavy treatment regimen—six cycles of chemotherapy and 35 radiation sessions. After completing the treatment, his doctors confirmed he was cancer-free. They ... Read More

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