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Health Completely Restored Despite Low Chance Of Survival

December 2016, Singapore

My friend, a non-believer, was experiencing flu-like symptoms with fever. Despite seeing a doctor and taking medication, she started feeling worse and breathless. About a week later, she was admitted into the intensive care unit (ICU) and was found to have had a viral ... Read More

Healed Of Severe Joint Stiffness After Taking Holy Communion In Grace Revolution Tour 2015

November 2016, United States

I had been suffering from severe joint stiffness for several months. Getting out of bed in the morning and getting in and out of my car were difficult for me every day.

In November 2015, I traveled across the country to Dallas, Texas, for Joseph Prince’s Grace ... Read More

Healed Of 18-Year Depression, Offered Well-Paying Job After Months Of Unemployment

November 2016, United Kingdom

I was jobless for eight months but I trusted God for a job. During that period, I would remind myself of a testimony in one of Pastor Prince’s daily devotionals—it was about a church member who went through unemployment for six months, and was eventually offered ... Read More

Ganglion Cyst Gone After Partaking Holy Communion

October 2016, United States

For several years, I had multiple bouts of carpel tunnel syndrome—a hand and arm condition that causes numbness, tingling, and other symptoms due to a pinched nerve in my wrist. After that, I developed a dime-sized ganglion cyst on my right wrist.

During a routine ... Read More

Leg And Back Healing Well After Partaking Communion

October 2016, United States

On February 1, 2015, I fell, breaking my left hip and injuring my right shoulder. I had surgery but spent the year unable to walk more than ten minutes without developing leg spasms. These spasms would last for days each time. It looked like I needed to undergo another ... Read More

Delivered From Stage 4B Cervical Cancer

October 2016, United States

My former wife, Kay, was diagnosed with Stage 4B cervical cancer when her scan showed grapefruit-sized masses in her body. She was told she only had a year to live and that chemotherapy might only extend her life for a few more months.

The cancer research center also ... Read More

No More Swollen Glands After Partaking In Communion

September 2016, India

Pastor Prince, I came to know your ministry through watching your television program every Sunday morning. My family is also blessed by your book, Destined To Reign, and your online resources.

While reading Destined To Reign, my husband and I experienced freedom from ... Read More

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