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Toddler Healed After Grandma Partook Of The Holy Communion

April 2017, South Africa

Sometime ago, my son’s two-and-a-half-year-old daughter fell very sick with high fever, diarrhea, stomach pain, and vomiting. She had to be warded in hospital and put on a drip.

As we live far away from them, we couldn’t do much but pray for her. Two days ... Read More

Church Members Experienced Healing After Partaking Holy Communion

March 2017, Kenya

Pastor Prince, I heard you preach on the radio a while ago. You shared a testimony about your trip to Israel some years ago where one of your church members had fallen ill and had to be hospitalized.

You said that you and your pastors went to the hospital and partook of ... Read More

Healed Of Ear Pain After Partaking Communion

February 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your teachings for years now. If not for your sermons, I would not have known about the healing power of God available through the partaking of the Holy Communion.

When I started working in a company during the dry season, I was ... Read More

Freed Of 25-Year Smoking Addiction, Healed Of Pneumonia And Tuberculosis

February 2017, Indonesia

I have been watching Pastor Prince’s sermons and reading his daily devotionals every day. Last year, a chest X-ray revealed that I had pneumonia and tuberculosis.  The doctor advised me to consult with a lung specialist. The doctor’s report made me so ... Read More

Received Christ, Healed Of Asthma And Pain In Shoulder

February 2017, Singapore

A few months ago, I made my first visit to New Creation Church [Singapore]. At that time, I was not a believer and was going through hard times and uncertainties in my life.

When the service began, I felt a peace and tenderness within. I couldn’t help but tear up. ... Read More

Anomaly In Spine Healed After Taking Holy Communion And Declaring Scripture

February 2017, Ghana

Pastor Prince, two years ago, I was struck with severe pain in my waist. It happened at night and I was unable to get up from my bed. I was admitted into a hospital and an X-ray showed an anomaly in a disc in my spine. The doctor gave me painkillers and advised surgery as ... Read More

Healed Of Canker Sores After Partaking Of Holy Communion

January 2017, United States

I suffered very painful canker sores in my mouth and could not talk or eat anything. I became weak as a result and there was no one to take care of me as I lived far away from my family.

I got some medicine from a doctor, took it once or twice, and then thought, ... Read More

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