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No More Nausea And Discomfort After Beholding Jesus

May 2016, United States

One night, I felt nausea and discomfort in my entire upper body. I decided to partake of the Holy Communion, and also took time to meditate on Christ’s finished work and speak a few healing scriptures over myself.

I saw my sickness and discomfort borne on ... Read More

Scalded Hand Miraculously Healed By Beholding Jesus

May 2016, United States

While I was making tea one evening, the steam from the kettle scalded my hand pretty badly. I put some ointment on it but it did not help. I also could not sleep that night as the burned hand was throbbing with pain.

Then I remembered the Bible account of the leper whom ... Read More

No More Pain In Neck

January 2016, United States

Recently, I began to feel pain in my neck. There was a pressure and a knot in my throat. Initially, I thought I was catching a cold since my voice changed a little. However, the pressure in my throat began affecting my chest and I found it hard to breathe.

I began quoting ... Read More

Dog Healed Of Injured Knee

October 2015, United States

One of our dogs, an Australian Shepherd, suffered a knee injury while it was playing in the backyard. The injury left him with a very bad limp. 

We took him to the veterinarian who examined him and concluded he had a bruised knee. We were given medicine for our dog
... Read More

No More Debilitating Pain

October 2015, United States

I have been a Christian, who for many years have had health problems. I used to have severe fibromyalgia, arthritis in my back, neck, and hands and migraine headaches. These conditions caused me to be exhausted nearly all the time with constant pain.

On July 29, I woke up ... Read More

Blessed With Triplets After Meditating On God’s Word

July 2015, Bahrain

We had always wanted a child from the first year of our marriage back in 2011. However, despite our best efforts, we never managed to conceive. It was not until our second year of marriage that we started consulting doctors to understand the complexity of the issues that ... Read More

Seeing Favor And Increase In The Workplace

February 2015, Singapore

In February 2014, I decided to apply for a new job. My plan was to resign only after I’d found a job. I sent multiple applications to various organizations but only secured two interviews. I was disappointed and began wondering if this was happening because God was ... Read More

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