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Single Mom Restored With Loving Life Partner And Happiness

February 2017, United States

Recently, I moved from Florida to Texas to live near my brother, who is a pastor. It wasn’t an easy choice to make because it meant living apart from my family. However, I felt it was the right thing to do as I needed some guidance in my Christian walk.

After moving, ... Read More

Received God’s Restoration Of Two Healthy Baby Girls

January 2017, Singapore

My husband and I had been trying for a baby since we got married. When I didn’t conceive even after a year, we decided to seek medical help.

The doctor said it would be almost impossible for us to conceive naturally, and advised us to start on a fertility treatment. ... Read More

120 Percent Restoration In Job With Better Salary And Benefits

August 2016, United States

In 2015, my life fell apart. Jobless and brokenhearted, I drove 2,000 miles back to my home state. I cried out to Jesus for help and clung onto the book of Colossians for hope and comfort. Around that time, I came across Pastor Prince’s television broadcast and began ... Read More

Freed From Years Of Anger And Lust, Marriage Restored

August 2016, United States

My husband and I separated because I was involved in pornography and masturbation. I’d turned to these activities as a way to cope with my past.

I was molested at a young age and raped when I was eighteen. I hated men as a result and this angst remained in me even ... Read More

Healed Of Chronic Bowel Disease

July 2016, Australia

About eight years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (a form of inflammatory bowel disease).

As I had difficulty keeping the flare-ups under control, I had to be hospitalized. I was also given multiple drugs and steroids to suppress the condition as there is no ... Read More

Restored With Happy Marriage After Being Widowed For Nine Years

June 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I became a widow in 2005. Shortly after, I started listening to your teachings on CDs. They helped me enjoy a deeper relationship with Jesus. At the same time, God was healing me in all areas. I became a new person when I knew how much He loves me.

I had a ... Read More

Astounding Restoration After Experience Of Failure In High School

May 2016, Singapore

I wanted to be a practicing psychologist since I was fourteen. However, I did badly in junior college (high school) and had to repeat an academic year. My parents were devastated. 

It was very shameful having to repeat a grade. I felt unworthy to have meals with my ... Read More

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