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16-Year Sexual Addiction Broken After Declaring Righteousness In Christ

May 2017, India

I write this testimony with tears of joy as my sixteen-year addiction to pornography and masturbation has finally been broken after claiming my righteousness in Christ. I’m also no longer plagued by sexual dreams.

Before that, I was so ashamed of myself, my habits, ... Read More

Set Free From 20-Year Smoking Addiction

October 2016, Singapore

I have been a Christian since 2008. When I got born again, I was so in love with Jesus. However, gradually, I felt that I was not doing enough for God. I also had a detestable addiction to smoking that lasted for twenty years.

Back then, I was serving in my church choir ... Read More

Became Top Scorer In School, Also Delivered From Porn Addiction

June 2016, Singapore

I accepted Christ when I was young. However, I never learned about the love and grace of God at that time. I always fell asleep during church services and even disliked going to church. I found it boring and a waste of time.

Fortunately, God was always gracious with me. ... Read More

Freed From Nineteen-Year Sexual Addictions

June 2016, South Africa

I struggled with addiction to lust and masturbation since I was fourteen. I am now thirty-three. I hated myself for not being able to control my urges or overcome the addictions. Despite trying everything, I could not break the bondages.

I started listening to Pastor ... Read More

Delivered From Thirty-Year Addiction To Cigarettes

May 2016, United States

I was addicted to smoking cigarettes for thirty years. I tried everything I could to quit but to no avail. Finally, I opened wide my heart to the Lord and told Him I could not break the addiction on my own.

I knew smoking was bad for my health. I also knew I was in Christ ... Read More

Freed From Pornography

February 2016, India

Dear Pastor Joseph Prince, I am a twenty-three-year-old girl from India. I was saved in 2011. Before that, I was addicted to pornography.

After my salvation, I learned that pornography is a sin. So I made up my mind to stop indulging myself in it. I was able to abstain ... Read More

Awoken By Grace, Establishing Church To Preach Gospel Of Grace

February 2016, United States

For a couple of years, I was jobless, experiencing financial hardship, and having marital problems. I believed all of this was happening because God was punishing me.

I have been a Christian for more than fourteen years. I was also a Sunday school teacher and youth leader ... Read More

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