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Gave Birth To Healthy Baby At Age Forty-Seven After Two Miscarriages

February 2017, United States

My husband and I wanted to start a family after we got married two years ago, but I miscarried twice. The doctors told me that because I was already forty-seven years old, my chances of conceiving were very low as my eggs were old and my ovarian reserve was low. In ... Read More

Family Reunited And Restored

September 2016, United Kingdom

In 2013, my husband left me for another woman. We had been married for eighteen years and we have two teenage children.

Prior to the separation, I discovered Pastor Prince’s books and television broadcasts. At that time, I was feeding on teaching that focused on ... Read More

Blessed In Every Area After Listening To Grace Messages

April 2016, Singapore

For four years, I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s messages whenever I commute to and from work, and would replay my favorites until the Lord’s love saturates my spirit.

I would read Pastor Prince’s daily devotionals over breakfast and listen to his ... Read More

Son Returns Home After Fourteen Years

November 2015, Israel

My praise report is related to the theme of this year—the year of His restoration—that Pastor Joseph Prince preached about.

We are Jewish believers in Israel. Our firstborn son is Joel, born in 1977. The name means “the Lord is God.” Our son had a ... Read More

Restoration Of Relationship With Daughter Through Communion

November 2015, United States

Thank you for the teaching on Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion. When I watched your broadcast and heard about the woman who received healing from a swelling in her body, I remembered I already had your book on the Holy Communion. I read it and the Lord led me ... Read More

Blessed With Triplets After Meditating On God’s Word

July 2015, Bahrain

We had always wanted a child from the first year of our marriage back in 2011. However, despite our best efforts, we never managed to conceive. It was not until our second year of marriage that we started consulting doctors to understand the complexity of the issues that ... Read More

Quick Recovery For Mental Disorder

July 2015, Norway

In November 2013, my daughter experienced episodes of condemnation and depression that led to several suicide attempts. When she was in her second year of her Mass Communication course, she came into bad company. That led her to use drugs and her life went downward from ... Read More

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