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No More Hives And Rash After Receiving Communion

May 2017, United States

I was suffering from hives and a rash all over my body. It was painful whenever I scratched and could not sleep for several days. I went to two different doctors who told me I was suffering from an allergic reaction that may have been triggered by something I ate or ... Read More

Healed Of Pain In Tailbone

May 2017, United States

Recently, the weather temperature dropped sharply, causing the roads and sidewalks to be covered with a sheet of ice. My husband and I went outside our home to scatter salt to melt the ice. However, I slipped on our sidewalk and landed on my tailbone. When I got up, I felt ... Read More

Husband’s Cyst Miraculously Gone, Surgery Cancelled

May 2017, Singapore

A few months ago, my husband went for a medical checkup after noticing an abnormal growth on his scrotum. It was diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and he was scheduled for surgery to remove it.

I was worried and had negative thoughts. As I tried to calm myself down, I ... Read More

Sore Throat Gone After Prayer In Church

May 2017, Singapore

For a few months, I had been having a sore throat that caused my lymph node to swell up.

During church service one Sunday, Pastor Prince felt led to pray for healing in the middle of his preaching. He prayed for people who were suffering pain, such as severe headaches and ... Read More

Healed Of Throat Ulcer While Listening To Testimony

May 2017, Singapore

Recently, I went to church (New Creation Church in Singapore) with a bad sore throat. I had an ulcer on the right side of my throat and the left side of my throat was also in pain. Although I expected to suffer the acute pain over the next few days, I was hoping my throat ... Read More

Effortless Weight Loss By His Grace

May 2017, India

My weight increased to 90kg when I was pregnant with my son. After giving birth, I weighed about 87kg and wondered if I could ever return to my normal weight again.

I listened to Pastor Prince’s messages and practiced what he taught. I partook of the Holy Communion ... Read More

No Longer Battling Shame, Now Living Life With Confidence

April 2017, United States

I grew up without a father, was abused by my grandfather, and suffered domestic violence during my first marriage. My parents and I also went through our share of divorces. When I became a believer in 1984, I was already in my third marriage and had been battling shame from ... Read More

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