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Freed From Years Of Anger And Frustration

January 2017, United States

I had always believed I was cursed—whenever I was close to getting something that mattered to me, I would fail, time and again. Nothing seemed to change even after I became a believer and I became very angry and frustrated. This greatly affected my relationships and ... Read More

Vertigo Gone, Cyst In Wife’s Ovary Shrunk

January 2017, United States

A few months ago, I experienced a sudden onset of vertigo and was unable to drive, walk, or read. I could only sit in front of the television. I prayed to be delivered from the condition, and declared by faith scriptures from memory: “God has not given me a spirit of ... Read More

No More On Schizophrenia Medication Nor Struggling Financially

January 2017, Malaysia

Pastor Prince, I had been suffering from schizophrenia for at least eight years. When I was first diagnosed with this illness, my mom, who is a non-believer, taught me chanting to try to alleviate its symptoms. I also sought help from doctors and took medication, but ... Read More

Healed Of Severe Eczema After Applying Anointing Oil

January 2017, Malaysia

My teenage daughter had severe eczema on both her heels for three years. Despite going to a skin specialist and applying medication, her condition only improved temporarily. Sometimes, her heels would be in so much pain that she would walk on her toes.

When I heard about ... Read More

Malaria-Like Symptoms Went Away Overnight, Protected From Wrongful Arrest

January 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, when I started experiencing malaria-like symptoms in my body, I was gripped by fear as my examinations were just around the corner.

Then I remembered your daily devotional in my email titled, Quench The Enemy’s Fiery Darts. It taught me the importance ... Read More

Health Completely Restored Despite Low Chance Of Survival

December 2016, Singapore

My friend, a non-believer, was experiencing flu-like symptoms with fever. Despite seeing a doctor and taking medication, she started feeling worse and breathless. About a week later, she was admitted into the intensive care unit (ICU) and was found to have had a viral ... Read More

Experienced God’s Restoration After Serious Accident

December 2016, India

On August 24, 2014, my family and I met with a serious accident. My son was in the back seat and by the grace of God he slept through the accident and escaped unscathed.

My wife and I were hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I had blood clots in my chest as a result ... Read More

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