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Brother And Family Protected From Typhoon Haiyan

February 2017, State of Qatar

I am a Filipina working in the Middle East. On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan (also known as Super Typhoon Yolanda) hit the Philippines. Over the next five days, I desperately tried to contact my brother and his family who lived there to no avail.

As I was in the Middle ... Read More

Daughter Protected From Bastille Day Terrorist Attack In Nice

February 2017, United States

Pastor Prince, my daughter made plans with two of her female friends from church to travel throughout Europe and Greece in July 2016. Even though our family and friends had concerns about her traveling in a time of global unrest and violence, my husband and I felt peace ... Read More

Stolen Mobile Phone And Wallet Returned

January 2017, Kenya

A few months ago, someone stole my mobile phone and wallet from my bag while I was on a bus. When I realized they were missing, I informed the bus conductor and we searched all over the bus. However, they were nowhere to be found. We figured the thief could have had ... Read More

Protected From Falling Concrete

January 2017, India

On a recent Saturday morning, I read the first chapter of Pastor Prince’s new book, The Prayer of Protection, on his website. After reading it, I felt a great sense of peace and protection surrounding me. Then, I read Psalm 91 in my Bible. Verses eleven and twelve ... Read More

Malaria-Like Symptoms Went Away Overnight, Protected From Wrongful Arrest

January 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, when I started experiencing malaria-like symptoms in my body, I was gripped by fear as my examinations were just around the corner.

Then I remembered your daily devotional in my email titled, Quench The Enemy’s Fiery Darts. It taught me the importance ... Read More

One-Year-Old Daughter Divinely Protected

November 2016, Kenya

I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings for a while now and have been really impacted by his messages on Psalm 91. I learned how to apply the psalm in my daily life in very practical ways.

I have two daughters, age one and three, and often pray Psalm 91 ... Read More

Protected From Category Four Hurricane Mathew

November 2016, United States

On October 6, 2016, Hurricane Mathew threatened the Florida coast where I live. It was a category four hurricane that could cause catastrophic damage to property, power outages, water shortages, and loss of lives.

Being a Floridian for more than twenty-five years, I had ... Read More

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