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Family Protected From Harm While Driving

July 2017, Brazil

Pastor Prince, I read your book, The Prayer of Protection, and learned not to take God’s protection for granted. Every morning, I would pray for myself, my husband, and our two-year-old son and hold on to God’s protection promises in Psalm 91.

One night, my ... Read More

Court Case Dismissed, House Restored To Family

July 2017, United States

I’d been living under condemnation my whole life and never felt loved. One day, I heard Pastor Prince’s sermon about a man who was used mightily for God’s purposes. Unfortunately, that man fell into sin and began to live under self-condemnation.

I saw ... Read More

Phone Lost In Airport Returned

June 2017, United States

While leaving the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) earlier in the year, my daughter’s brand-new cell phone fell out of her pocket. She only realized it after we arrived home and became very upset. We cried out to Jesus and pleaded His blood over the phone. We ... Read More

Family Protected From Harm When Gas Burner Exploded

June 2017, India

I’m from a family of non-believers. After getting to know Pastor Prince’s ministry for a few months, my sister and I decided to get baptized. Over time, Pastor Prince’s message of grace began to change our lives.

One night, my sister and I watched his ... Read More

Daughter Protected From Two Dangerous Road Incidents

June 2017, United States

On the evening of March 29, 2017, I almost skipped my usual Bible reading as I was very tired. But I felt I shouldn’t and opened my Bible to read Psalm 91 because my daughter and I were going on separate road trips soon. The more I prayed and read aloud the psalm, the ... Read More

Divine Protection From Potentially Fatal Car Accidents

May 2017, United States

A year ago, my four-year-old grandson and I were involved in a serious car accident. A car ran a red light and hit our vehicle broadside.

The collision sent us over the median and onto the road with opposing traffic. As I felt my car spinning, I cried, ... Read More

Prayer Saved A Life

April 2017, United States

I have been impacted by Pastor Prince’s ministry for many years and have benefited greatly from his teachings on praying in tongues.

While driving to work one day, I was meditating on the Lord’s love and enjoying His presence when I suddenly felt led to pray in ... Read More

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