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Blessed With New Home, Gifts, And Meaningful Job

May 2017, United States

I’ve been attending Grace Revolution Church in Dallas, Texas, for a year and have been blessed by Pastor Prince’s teachings on possessing our possessions in Christ. In 2016, I had the opportunity to possess my possessions in a very powerful way!

I was given ... Read More

Property Transactions Successful After Prayer

May 2017, South Africa

Sometime ago, I needed funds to pay the deposit for a property I was buying. To make the deposit, I needed a buyer who could pay me in United States dollars for the residential property I was selling. This was a tall order as my country was short on foreign currency at that ... Read More

Daughter Enjoying God’s Protection And Provision On Sledding Trip

April 2017, Germany

One time, my daughter overslept and missed the school bus that was supposed to take her mountain sledding. As a result, she had to take another bus.

She left home without her winter jacket even though the weather was at minus 5 degrees Celsius. Her friend had borrowed it ... Read More

Experiencing Breakthroughs For Children With Non-Verbal Autism

April 2017, United States

My fourteen-year-old son and eleven-year-old daughter were diagnosed with severe non-verbal autism. They are unable to speak and were tested to have the mentality of a three-year-old. Because of their condition, our family suffered incredible pain.

I began listening to ... Read More

Healed Of Back Pain, Experiencing Success In Business, No Longer In Financial Lack

March 2017, United States

I used to suffer from lower back pain some years ago. I could barely bend forward to tie my shoelaces and I even had to hold my sneezes in to contain the pain. At that time, I had also gone through a divorce and was in financial lack. I felt like I was in a deep pit of ... Read More

Lost Wallet Returned In Mailbox After Three Days

March 2017, United States

One time, my daughter had to stop for gas while driving home from work. Upon reaching home, she realized her wallet was missing. It contained her driver’s license, debit card, our family’s credit card, several gift cards, cash, and her social security card. We ... Read More

Financial Situation Improved, No Longer Depressed Or Suicidal

March 2017, Malaysia

A few months ago, I made bad decisions that left me jobless and in serious debt. I became depressed and even thought about ending my life. Despite everything, I felt the Lord’s love deep within my heart and knew He would never forsake me. I cried out to Him for help ... Read More

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