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Encouraged By Grace Messages, Won Custody Battle

January 2017, United Kingdom

In 2014, I was embroiled in an extremely difficult custody battle over my now three-and-a-half-year-old son. It was an exhausting two-year event of fact-finding trials, direction hearings, and mounting financial debt due to legal fees.

I did not have a proper full ... Read More

Received God’s Restoration Of Two Healthy Baby Girls

January 2017, Singapore

My husband and I had been trying for a baby since we got married. When I didn’t conceive even after a year, we decided to seek medical help.

The doctor said it would be almost impossible for us to conceive naturally, and advised us to start on a fertility treatment. ... Read More

PR Application Approved Four Months Ahead Of Time

January 2017, South Africa

Pastor Prince, I had been staying in South Africa on a work permit and decided to apply for permanent residence (PR).

Upon submitting my application, I remembered your preaching on surrendering our cares to the Lord and resting in Him. I also remembered you declaring 2016 ... Read More

Blessed With New Home

January 2017, United States

During a recent vacation, my ex-fiancé struck me on the jaw in front of my children. I was living with him during that period even though being a believer, I knew it wasn’t God’s best to cohabit with a partner without being married. I decided there and ... Read More

Experienced God’s Restoration After Serious Accident

December 2016, India

On August 24, 2014, my family and I met with a serious accident. My son was in the back seat and by the grace of God he slept through the accident and escaped unscathed.

My wife and I were hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I had blood clots in my chest as a result ... Read More

Dream Of Joining Football Academy Realized With Full Sponsorship

December 2016, Singapore

I was born into a Christian family but had no interest or love for the Lord. At the age of ten, while studying overseas with my sister, I developed a passion for football. I wanted to pursue it as a profession and was determined to fulfill my dream as a football player.

... Read More

Visa Approved Despite Odds

November 2016, United States

I applied for a tourist visa to Africa that took about a month to process. Unfortunately, I fell short of two submission requirements and did not have time to rectify them.

Although worried, I boldly submitted my application as I believed I had done my best. I declared ... Read More

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