Praise Reports

Blessed And Enjoying Sweet Relationship With The Lord

April 2017, Canada

Every Sunday evening, a few friends and I meet in one of our homes to listen to Pastor Prince’s messages together. We have been blessed learning that our righteousness is a gift and not a reward.

Since we began listening to the grace gospel, we’ve experienced ... Read More

Family Received Christ, Relationships Mended

April 2017, Singapore

Pastor Prince, I live in Singapore while my family resides in India. When I became the only believer of Jesus in the family, my parents were extremely displeased.

One Sunday, I heard your sermon about a born-again farmer who tried to protect his sheep from ravenous wolves. ... Read More

Hope Renewed About The Rapture And Jesus’ Second Coming

March 2017, United States

From where I live, there are very few teachings about the blessed hope—the rapture and the Lord’s second coming. Instead, there are often messages about death and bracing ourselves for unforeseen negative circumstances. These messages have really discouraged me.... Read More

Secure In God’s Love, Relationship With Mother Restored

March 2017, Canada

I grew up in a legalistic church where mistakes were pointed out in a public setting. As such, I became sin-conscious, depressed, and suicidal all the time, and would always ask the Lord if He loved me.

My mother rebuked me for every mistake I made and compared me with my ... Read More

Blessed By Grace Teachings, Now Sharing Gospel In Church And To Prison Inmates

March 2017, United States

I came across Pastor Prince’s ministry in 2011. His teachings helped me realize that I had been trying to live under both the old and new covenants. As a result, I was unable to walk in God’s blessings for me.

After listening to Pastor Prince’s grace ... Read More

Church Members Encouraged And Impacted By Grace Message

February 2017, United States

My wife, two children, and I recently moved to Chicago to start a new church. Before our first service, I read Pastor Prince’s book titled, Grace Revolution, for some encouragement. Learning truths about God’s grace and the finished work of Jesus rekindled a ... Read More

Eyes Opened To Grace, Actively Sharing The Gospel

February 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I have been a Christian since I was a child and came across your television broadcast in 2012. Although I found your program interesting, I thought your teachings on grace gave people the license to sin. As such, I would discourage myself and others from ... Read More

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