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Eyes Opened To Grace, Actively Sharing The Gospel

February 2017, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I have been a Christian since I was a child and came across your television broadcast in 2012. Although I found your program interesting, I thought your teachings on grace gave people the license to sin. As such, I would discourage myself and others from ... Read More

No More Struggling To Please God

December 2016, Trinidad and Tobago

I am twenty-nine years old and have been a Christian for over twenty years. However, I knew nothing about the grace of God and only learned about His laws. I thought that performing good deeds for God made me holy and righteous, and didn’t know what I was missing out ... Read More

Set Free From Pornography, Enjoying Wonderful Relationship With God

December 2016, Norway

Pastor Prince, I’m twenty-three years old and have been a Christian my whole life. However, I struggled with a pornography addiction since I was thirteen. Whenever I viewed pornography, I would cry and tell God that I was sorry and would not do it again. Although I ... Read More

No More Troubled By Nightmares

December 2016, Tanzania

I had been troubled by nightmares and wet dreams, and would wake up feeling condemned, down, and depressed. They frustrated me so much that I doubted my relationship with the Lord.

When I heard about the gospel of grace from Pastor Prince’s teachings, I realized I ... Read More

Freed From Addiction To Drugs And Cigarettes, Enjoying Relationship With God

November 2016, India

For fifteen years, I was dealing with different addictions. First, I was addicted to cough syrup and pills and later to marijuana and cigarettes.

I tried to break my addictions to marijuana and cigarettes using willpower, but would end up into a worse state than before. I ... Read More

Freed From Condemnation, Enjoying Close Relationship With God

October 2016, Nigeria

I received Christ in 2006 and was taught to earn my righteousness through works and self-efforts. I struggled to be qualified before God, but no matter how hard I tried, I always fell short of His standards and felt condemned. I also constantly felt there was something ... Read More

Experiencing The Benefits And Joy Of Praying In Tongues

October 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I have been watching you preach on Trinity Broadcasting Network for years, and have read your books and listened to your messages on CDs.

At the start of this year, my church and other churches that I know of taught a series on spiritual gifts, especially ... Read More

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