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Single Mom Restored With Loving Life Partner And Happiness

February 2017, United States

Recently, I moved from Florida to Texas to live near my brother, who is a pastor. It wasn’t an easy choice to make because it meant living apart from my family. However, I felt it was the right thing to do as I needed some guidance in my Christian walk.

After moving, ... Read More

Left Sinful Relationship, Sleeping Better At Night

December 2016, Zimbabwe

Pastor Prince, I grew up in a Christian household and was taught good morals from a young age. I never really got into trouble and always performed well in school.

However, when I was eighteen, I got into a relationship and committed sexual sins. I honestly did not feel ... Read More

Cancer-Free, Relationship With Mother Restored

December 2016, Singapore

I grew up in a Christian family but due to some relationship issues, I was bitter.  I could not eat well and would cry myself to sleep.

Early 2015, I began to experience back pain. Doctors could not find what was wrong with me. A few months later, I was rushed to the ... Read More

Marriage Restored, Enjoying Better Job And New Home

December 2016, United States

A year ago, after constant arguments and disagreements, my wife and I separated abruptly. I came home from work to discover that she had moved away to Milwaukee, Wisconsin—over 800 miles from where we lived. I was distraught, frustrated, and confused. However, the ... Read More

Freed From Adultery, Healed Of Depression And Heart Problems

November 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I committed adultery in 2004 and became pregnant. When I confessed this to my husband, he confided in my pastors and I got kicked out of church.

Over the next four years, I suffered heart palpitations, depression, and anxiety attacks. I couldn’t think ... Read More

Family Relationships Restored, Life Radically Transformed

November 2016, Nigeria

Pastor Prince, I was born again in 1987 but only heard about the gospel of grace from your television broadcast in 2010. I got hold of your book, Unmerited Favor, the following year. Even though I believed in your teachings, I did not establish myself in them as I had been ... Read More

Freed From 15-Year Sexual Addictions, Marriage Restored

September 2016, India

When I was a child, I lived far from my parents and always longed to be loved. I was molested by unknown men and by my tenth grade, I fell into sexual sins. I started lusting, masturbating, and molesting people. I hated my behavior and wanted to stop, but couldn’t. At ... Read More

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