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Received God’s Restoration Of Two Healthy Baby Girls

January 2017, Singapore

My husband and I had been trying for a baby since we got married. When I didn’t conceive even after a year, we decided to seek medical help.

The doctor said it would be almost impossible for us to conceive naturally, and advised us to start on a fertility treatment. ... Read More

Experienced God’s Restoration After Serious Accident

December 2016, India

On August 24, 2014, my family and I met with a serious accident. My son was in the back seat and by the grace of God he slept through the accident and escaped unscathed.

My wife and I were hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I had blood clots in my chest as a result ... Read More

Marriage Restored, Enjoying Better Job And New Home

December 2016, United States

A year ago, after constant arguments and disagreements, my wife and I separated abruptly. I came home from work to discover that she had moved away to Milwaukee, Wisconsin—over 800 miles from where we lived. I was distraught, frustrated, and confused. However, the ... Read More

Freed From 15-Year Sexual Addictions, Marriage Restored

September 2016, India

When I was a child, I lived far from my parents and always longed to be loved. I was molested by unknown men and by my tenth grade, I fell into sexual sins. I started lusting, masturbating, and molesting people. I hated my behavior and wanted to stop, but couldn’t. At ... Read More

Family Reunited And Restored

September 2016, United Kingdom

In 2013, my husband left me for another woman. We had been married for eighteen years and we have two teenage children.

Prior to the separation, I discovered Pastor Prince’s books and television broadcasts. At that time, I was feeding on teaching that focused on ... Read More

No More Living A Sinful Lifestyle, Life Totally Transformed

September 2016, United States

I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was seven. But when I got involved in a sinful relationship, I was terrified that I had lost my salvation. I heard over and over in my mind that I was going to hell.

I lived an absolutely miserable life as I continued in that ... Read More

Restored With Sense Of Security In God’s Love

September 2016, United States

Pastor Prince, I am a twenty-year-old male from Alta, Norway. I grew up feeling insecure because my parents divorced when I was five. My dad was also unaffectionate toward me because he did not receive any love from his own father.

I always had this question: Is there ... Read More

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