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Delivered From Condemnation And Menopause at 24

July 2017, Taiwan

When I was fifteen, I was forsaken by my best friends. My heart was totally broken. I felt I had lost everything and fell into depression.  

A few months later, I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder. At the worst stage, I weighed only 30kg. I felt ... Read More

Blessed With A Beautiful Daughter After Years Of Barrenness

July 2017, United States

My husband and I had been married for six years and we both desperately wanted to have children, but were unable to.

About a year ago, we were approached by a young girl who wanted us to adopt her unborn child. We were elated. For the first time in six years, we allowed ... Read More

Restored With Love And Marriage

July 2017, United States

About four years ago, my husband of forty-five years passed away. He had battled cancer, heart attacks, and lung problems for many years, and cancer finally took his life. We had three grown children and five grandchildren at that time, but they were all living in different ... Read More

No Longer Failing Exams, Overcame Fear Of Public Speaking

July 2017, India

Although I’ve been a Christian from a young age, I didn’t know much about the Bible. I drifted from my faith and got into many bad habits. I even dabbled in occult practices. When my life fell apart some time later, I developed depression and anxiety.

During ... Read More

Persistent Knee Pain All Gone

July 2017, United States

I fell very sick with fever, sore throat, and congestion for a month. I couldn’t talk and could barely get out of bed. I hadn’t partaken of the Holy Communion in years because I was taught not to take it if I had sinned and had not asked God for forgiveness.

... Read More

Marriage Restored, Lawsuit Dropped, Now Living Debt-Free

July 2017, United States

In 2011, I came across Pastor Prince’s broadcast on Christian Television Network. I was very surprised to see an Asian speaker on American television. A few days later, I found myself searching for his broadcast schedule and before long, I began recording his ... Read More

No Longer Tormented By Suicidal Thoughts, Now Enjoying Life

July 2017, United States

After my sister committed suicide, I became suicidal myself. I thought about killing myself every day and even made plans to die.

I don’t remember how I heard about Pastor Prince, but one day, I decided to listen to one of his podcasts. In that message, he taught ... Read More

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