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Pancreatic Cyst Shrank In Two Months, Surgery Canceled

June 2017, Singapore

A few months ago, my doctor found a 29mm cyst at the head of my pancreas. It was quite large and not in a good position. He recommended surgery if the cyst grew larger than 30mm. 

As my condition was beyond his expertisehe arranged for me to ... Read More

Life Transformed After Learning About Grace, Gave Birth To Healthy Baby

June 2017, China

In 2006, I contracted systemic lupus erythematosus (a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues). I had to be under medication to suppress the symptoms and the process to control the outbreaks of the disease over the years was very painful.  

I came from ... Read More

Blessed With Dream Job

June 2017, India

I first watched Pastor Joseph Prince preach on God TV in late 2012. During that time, I was in a bad place. I was jobless and was hurting from a broken love relationship. As I continued to watch Pastor Prince preach daily, the revelation of the grace of God filled me with ... Read More

Set Free From 25 Years Of Addictions

June 2017, United States

I was addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pornography for twenty-five years. Even though I was saved as a young girl, I always felt condemned and guilty because of my sins. I thought I had lost my salvation and would never have eternal life.

One day, I turned on the television ... Read More

Irregular Growth On Face Disappeared After Confessing God’s Word

June 2017, United States

For several years, I had a growth on my face that concerned me. It first looked like an ordinary freckle or mole, but began to grow into an irregular shape and became raised. The thought of skin cancer was at the back of my mind.

I began to embrace teachings from preachers ... Read More

No More Angry And Bitter, Now Enjoying Family Blessings And Restoration

June 2017, United States

Due to decades of poor decision-making, I became desperately lonely and was filled with anger and bitterness. Nearly every area of my life lacked God’s truth and wisdom. However, as I began to hear the Word preached via Pastor Prince’s sermons, the Lord began to ... Read More

Daughter Protected From Two Dangerous Road Incidents

June 2017, United States

On the evening of March 29, 2017, I almost skipped my usual Bible reading as I was very tired. But I felt I shouldn’t and opened my Bible to read Psalm 91 because my daughter and I were going on separate road trips soon. The more I prayed and read aloud the psalm, the ... Read More

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