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You Can Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat Today!

From international bestselling author Joseph Prince comes a book about living above defeat and experiencing breakthroughs in every area of your life.

GRACE REVOLUTION will not only inspire you to live above defeat, but it will also serve as a powerful step-by-step guide to establish your heart on an unshakable, rock-solid, and immovable foundation for lasting breakthroughs.

In this book, Joseph shares five practical and powerful keys to living a victorious life:

  • Grow in Boldness and Confidence
  • Build a Foundation for Lasting Breakthroughs
  • Value the Person of Jesus
  • Speak the Language of Faith
  • Receive His Abundant Restoration

You'll discover that the grace revolution is not a movement, teaching, or doctrine, that it is actually all about our Lord Jesus. Your life will be touched, changed, and transformed from the inside out as you step away from defeat and take a massive leap toward your victory!

Hear what others are saying about the Grace Revolution!

“There’s a specific message about the grace and the love of God that Joseph Prince has…we are just so thankful for it, because that’s what changed our lives and our marriage. It changed everything—it’s a revolution!”

—Blair & Victoria Taylor, United States

“It quickened something within my spirit that made me go ‘that’s it, that’s what I’ve always needed’—the full understanding of His finished work; the full understanding that I have been made righteous and I stand righteous before the Lord.”

—Kelly Martinez, United States

“My relationship with my wife, my children, have been blessed knowing what the grace revolution is. Pastor Prince puts it this way: it’s a preoccupation with Christ, not yourself, and every day that I get to know how much I’m loved by God…I experience His grace in my life.”

—Bayo Oniye, United Kingdom