Ten years of building, encouraging, and inspiring people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through television broadcasts, new media technology, and humanitarian outreach.

Thank you so much, my dear Grace Revolution Partners,

for believing in and supporting the work of this ministry over the past ten years. Your faith-filled prayers and financial support have made a difference as the Grace Revolution continues to spread across the world. Wendy and I pray that you will continue to help this ministry share the love and freedom that our Savior offers through the gospel of grace as we journey on in the next ten years and beyond!

Sharing the Gospel, Transforming Lives

“If you don’t preach pure, unadulterated grace, people’s lives will never be gloriously blessed and 
gloriously transformed.”

While on vacation in the Swiss Alps with my wife Wendy in 1997, there amid the majestic landscape, the Lord spoke these words to me about preaching on His grace without attempting to balance or mix it with law.

Eager to see lives liberated from and victorious over every destructive habit and sin, I fully embraced His mandate and went home to begin preaching the gospel that the apostle Paul had preached, to my church congregation in Singapore.

From that point on, this ministry has been all about exalting the person and grace of our Lord Jesus, and His perfect finished work. Very quickly, my church grew exponentially as people experienced a genuine encounter with their beautiful Savior through the gospel of grace.

Millions Impacted by the Gospel of Grace

During the time my church in Singapore was enjoying His grace, the Lord was also showing me how the gospel of grace needed to go beyond the four walls of our church.

God began to open doors for this ministry and in April 2007, we aired our first television broadcast on Daystar Television. Many who watched the broadcast wrote to tell us how they were greatly blessed and profoundly impacted as they heard for the first time how God loves them unconditionally in spite of their imperfections and wants to bless them with His undeserved, unearned, and unmerited grace.

As viewership grew and more people tuned in to watch and hear that grace is all about the love of God through the person of Jesus, the ministry began to increase the number of broadcasts. Soon, the gospel of grace was being broadcast daily through multiple television networks, as well as online via our ministry website.

Today, our broadcast program has more than 230 airings a week across America, allowing millions to hear about the amazing love of our wonderful Savior. All this would not have been possible if not for the faithful prayers and generous support of our amazing partners.

Bringing the Gospel Back to Israel

One of the biggest highlights for me over the last ten years has been to see the Lord open the door for the gospel of grace to be shared in Israel. Given the special place that Israel has in God’s heart, I consider it a great privilege to have preached about His grace on location in the Holy Land back in 2012 and more recently in 2016.

And thanks to satellite technology, people in God’s chosen nation are now hearing about the gospel of grace as our program is broadcast daily in Israel. It is so amazing to see how the gospel had gone one full circle back to the land where it all began! Praise the Lord for His favor on this ministry!

Imparting Hope to the People

Over the years, I have also been blessed to have personally connected with many precious people around the world whenever I speak at events or in churches. It was wonderful being in America in 2013 and 2015, where I was able to share powerful, Christ-exalting messages with precious individuals in Houston, Dallas, New York City, and Los Angeles.

I felt so refreshed to have met with individuals who openly shared with me how they have been set free from bondages, and are today living and enjoying the new covenant truths and promises that Jesus purchased with His own blood. From restoration of marriages to supernatural cancellation of debts, miraculous healings, and liberation from long-term destructive addictions, many of these precious souls are now living glorious lives!

Still Changing Lives 10 Years On

My first book, Destined To Reign, was published in 2007 to help believers understand that God’s secret to reigning effortlessly in life is all about receiving the gift of righteousness through Jesus’ finished work at the cross.

Amazingly, ten years on, this book is still changing lives—testimonies are still coming in weekly from people who tell me how their lives have been turned around for the better after reading Destined To Reign.

I am deeply moved and humbled that God is still using this book, as well as my other teaching resources, to help precious individuals navigate their way to freedom. Your prayers have definitely made a difference!

Empowering Pastors with the Gospel

As the gospel of grace gained momentum, pastors around the world began writing to us to find out more about the message. Many of these pastors now want to share the same message after they too have had a personal encounter with Jesus and a revelation of His grace.

And as they heard and began to preach the same gospel to their congregation, lives began to be transformed like never before and their churches just grew and grew in attendance.

Today, more and more churches are preaching the gospel of grace, tearing down walls of legalistic Christian religion, and replacing that with a deep and intimate relationship with the person of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Friends, the gospel works! When Jesus is preached and lifted high, lives are touched, changed, and transformed!

Building the Local Church

With more and more lives in America experiencing transformation after hearing the gospel, the Lord put in my heart to set up a local church with leaders who can minister His unadulterated grace to His flock and point them back to Jesus’ finished work and who they are in Christ.

Everything I teach about the gospel of grace functions best in the context of a local church where there is fellowship, accountability, and wise counsel. Something powerful happens when God’s people are planted in an assembly of believers that is part of the body of Christ. So in 2014, the Lord led the way for us to set up Grace Revolution Church ( in Dallas, Texas.

Now, a spiritually vibrant community of Jesus-centered believers gather each Sunday to proclaim 
the beauty of Jesus and His finished work at the cross. They also seek to cultivate authentic relationships with one another through frequent fellowship and help those in need via Christ-centered outreach programs.

Demonstrating the Love of God in Practical Ways

Through the years, the Lord has also put it in our hearts to be an extension of His love to the less fortunate in Third World nations. With your faithful support, we have been able to respond to this need through the preaching of the Word, worship, prayer, and the provision of very practical help.

In addition to giving out Bibles in the local language, sending out teams to preach the gospel, and bringing salvation to precious people who live in poor, fringe communities, the ministry has been able to sponsor impoverished children, providing them with education and necessary health care, fight human trafficking, and fund disaster relief operations.

We have also been a tangible blessing to these fringe communities by sponsoring free medical services and feeding programs, creating better classroom infrastructure for the children, and providing basic daily necessities.

Once again, thank you to all our Grace Revolution Partners! These ten years would not have been possible without your love, prayers, and generous support!

If you are not yet a partner and would like to join us, find out more on our Grace Revolution Partnership page.