Missions Initiatives


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Some of Cambodia's less fortunate earn barely US$2 a day by selling recyclables scoured from mountains of noxious trash. Others cannot afford medical care for even the most basic of ailments like headaches and colds. Find out how our ministry has stepped in to help. READ MORE


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Combating Poverty

Joseph Prince Ministries enables children to escape the downward spiral that is poverty, as well as to avoid the clutches of human trafficking, a form of modern-day slavery. Your financial support goes toward giving these children hope and a chance at a better future through the provision of basic medical care, counseling, and job skills training.


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Educating and Empowering

We provide children with resources to equip them and give them an opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives. Our sponsorship gives them the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. We ensure that the children get nutritious food, quality education, and vital medical care.


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Conducting Missions Outreaches

Joseph Prince Ministries sends teams from Singapore on humanitarian and missions outreaches. Our teams conduct activities for the local children and share the gospel through Bible lessons and family visits. We sponsor supplies of daily necessities for these local communities, and also help remote communities in developing parts of Asia establish links with organizations who are able to provide them with assistance.


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Providing Disaster Relief

Natural disasters exacerbate the problems faced by communities already in poverty, leaving entire families in debilitating conditions. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing, and that the best way to minister the love of God to these people is to send practical help to alleviate their suffering, and tangibly demonstrate the love of Christ through our giving and support at their point of need.



Your generosity and faithful prayers as a partner with our ministry allow us to demonstrate the love of God in such practical ways, from feeding needy children to fighting human trafficking, sending out teams to preach the gospel, and funding the disaster relief operations.

Your support also makes it possible for us to broadcast the gospel of grace into millions of homes around the world on over 50 television networks. Every week, we receive testimonies of how precious lives are being radically transformed and restored as a result of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ preached!

Thank you for being part of this. Together, we’re making a difference, one life at a time.