Laptop Protected From Being Stolen

While passing through security at the airport this summer, I had brought my mini laptop with me. It was very important to me because I have many of your messages in it and I was looking forward to a vacation learning more about Jesus, whom I can’t get enough of! I am in love with my Savior.

While collecting my things after they were passed through the X-ray machine, I wasn’t aware that the security officer had taken my laptop out of my bag and placed it in another bin. However, I noticed the man next to me looking very “scared”. I watched him fiddle with his bag and saw him pull out my laptop!

I was oblivious to all that was going on but I believe that an angel of the Lord was standing behind me making sure I got my laptop back. Thank You, Jesus! He knows how important my computer is to me because it brings me His Word.

God bless you, Joseph Prince, and thank you for the truth.

Orsola Guzzo
New York, United States