Reunited with Estranged Daughter After 7 Years

Our 18-year-old daughter had been estranged from us for about 7 years. It was so painful, and at many times, it was hard to choose to keep going. We rested in the Lord’s promises of restoration we heard from listening to Pastor Prince’s messages for over 5 years.

Before Christmas, we were really disheartened with our daughter’s situation, but we were encouraged as we tuned into New Creation Church’s online service and listened to sermons and testimonies of family restoration. This gave us hope again.

Our daughter came back into our lives on New Year’s Eve! What is so beautiful was that just in mid-December, we had given our children completely to the Lord. I had decided that it was too painful to hold on anymore. In an earlier sermon, Pastor Prince told us to give our children to the Lord and to write the date we did that down. I wrote the date on my calendar and reminded myself several times I had done that. I was finally at my wits’ end and left it to God, only praying for my daughter. It was that same week she came back into our lives after almost 7 years!

The sweet restoration of my daughter is more beautiful and fuller than I can describe. We were also in a place to bless her because the Lord had literally just provided for us a laptop and extra furniture she needed to begin college. We were even able to tour the college with her before she began. It felt like a dream come true! My husband and I were also able to move from a broken-down trailer to a beautiful home.

In the past few years, the Lord has also blessed me with more healing and restoration than I can explain in words. I had been diagnosed with many mental disorders including PTSD, OCD, ADHD, bi-polar disorder, an eating disorder, and depression. I also suffered extensive head trauma and damage. After listening to Pastor Prince’s messages for many hours a day and playing his audio book and sermons through the night, the Lord has brought complete deliverance and healing to me.

I had to sleep with ice packs on my head for the past 7 years due to the extensive head trauma and damage. There were a couple of times when Pastor Prince led those with ailments to lay hands on the afflicted part of their body that needed healing and prayed over them. I received those prayers for myself. I can now sleep without ice packs on my head. Praise the Lord!

Grace Revolution Church (GRC) has also been an answered prayer as we had been in search for a grace-based church for a long time. Now we have a home church where we can claim Pastor Prince as our pastor after years of following and being fed by his ministry!

I’m just swimming in the realization of Amos 9:13–15 (MSG)—blessings everywhere, so fast it will make your head swim. I know people will see that light and say, “I want to know that Jesus,” and their darkness will be lifted. What a truly powerful message from the Lord.

We are so grateful to Pastor Prince and all the GRC pastors and church family! We pray for you all. Thank you for making the Gospel Partner plan available on the Joseph Prince app. I feel like it’s Christmas again. I was just daydreaming recently, What if I could have all of Pastor Prince’s messages at my fingertips? And now the Lord has granted my desire while letting me be a part of the ministry. I’m so overjoyed!

Sara Smith
Virginia, United States