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Line up Your Words with God’s Promises!

Words spoken in line with God’s promises have enormous power! Discover the power to change your circumstances and receive your breakthrough in 2020 in this month’s resource, Say It! Break Through When You Speak God’s Word.

Also available is Your Prayers Have Power Package and Speak God’s Word and Win Gift Collection to help you learn how to line up your words with God’s promises for every area of your need and see amazing things happen in your life!

Your breakthrough is in your mouth! In this faith-inspiring resource, Joseph Prince shows you the power of your words and how you can win in life through the words you speak. Discover how your faith can be strengthened and how speaking according to God’s Word releases His blessings for your day-to-day needs or for your miracle. Learn to speak in alignment with God’s promises today and start seeing Him lead you from victory to victory!

We all experience moments of doubt and fear, wondering if God hears us. But here’s the truth: you are righteous in Christ and God hears your prayers—all because of Jesus! And this resource package is going to help you unlock His divine power in your life through your prayers.

Discover how to release the blessing and abundant provision of the Lord over you and your loved ones through this never-before-offered Gift Collection.


Dear friend,

I pray that you will be greatly blessed by these resources as you encounter the lovely person of Jesus and discover life-transforming truths about the power of His grace and finished work on the cross.


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