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Let God Change The Vision You See

Beloved, if you want to see good in your future, start by changing the image you see in your heart! It’s an important message for today, where Instagram, viral videos, tweets, and other images can easily saturate your heart and mind. Joseph Prince preaches an eye-opening message as he shows you how these images can affect your life positively or negatively. Request Change How You See, Change Your Life and start flooding your heart with images of divine health and success!

Your heart is affected by what it sees. That’s why the Bible says to “guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life” (Prov. 4:23 ɴʟᴛ). In the Hazon Vision Package, Joseph Prince takes you deeper into God’s Word, revealing how you can position yourself to receive hazon visions from God, and guard your heart against every troubling circumstance. As you look to the Lord, you’ll see with new eyes how He wants to take away your fear, hopelessness, anxiety, and worry; and fill your heart with good expectations for your future!

The Holy Spirit can speak to you in words, tongues, dreams, and visions. Friend, the Lord desires for you to see visions of His prophetic promises for your life! And to receive God’s hazon visions, you only need to ask Him for it. The Fix Your Eyes on Him Collection guides you on this journey of discovery! Packed with resources, it will help you walk in the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, especially in the knowledge of Jesus and all He has done through the enlightened eyes of your heart. Request yours today!


Dear friend,

I pray that you will be greatly blessed by these resources as you encounter the lovely person of Jesus and discover life-transforming truths about the power of His grace and finished work on the cross.


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