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The gospel of Jesus Christ brings life, hope, joy, and peace wherever it is heard. And each day, testimonies from precious individuals around the world pour in to share how their lives have been tremendously blessed and radically transformed as they hear more and more of Jesus and His goodness through our TV and web broadcasts. Stories like these…


My former wife was diagnosed with Stage 4B cervical cancer and told she only had a year to live. Then, Jesus came into our lives in an awesome way through Joseph Prince’s ministry and we began to bask in the gospel of grace. Six months after the diagnosis, her scan results reflected zero tumors and cancer cells. I can hardly write this testimony through my tears. Praise the name of Jesus! William Devine | Missouri, United States


When I lost my mom, I lost all faith and my denial over her death caused a lot of bitterness, hatred, and problems in my marriage. Pastor Prince, thank you for bringing God back into our home and for showing us His grace through your TV broadcasts. My husband and I have reconciled, and our marriage and faith in God are stronger than ever after 27 years. The Lord has also blessed us with a child after 13 years! Wanda Acosta | New Jersey, United States


I was addicted to crack cocaine for 10 years. I did not understand why my prayers for deliverance remained unanswered. It wasn’t until 2012 when I heard Pastor Prince preach the gospel of grace on TV that I saw light in my dark situation. I am grateful to report that I am no longer addicted to crack cocaine. All glory to God and His Son, Jesus Christ! Gideon Haileselassie | Pennsylvania, United States

A Message From Joseph

These precious and inspiring stories demonstrate the life-transforming power that is available through the gospel of grace! As a pastor, my heart is to have many others who are still in bondage experience this amazing grace that is found in our loving Savior! Will you join me?

If you believe in impacting lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ, please consider becoming a monthly partner with my ministry today.

Your monthly support is the KEY to helping many more who are living in bondage know, through our TV broadcasts, new media technology, and humanitarian outreaches, the love and freedom our beautiful Savior offers! Join us today. Advance the gospel of grace. Let us make a difference together.

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