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The Prayer of Protection Study Guide—Living Fearlessly In Dangerous Times


We live in dangerous times. A time in which terrorist activities, pandemics, and natural calamities are on the rise. But there is good news. God has given us a powerful prayer of protection—Psalm 91—through which we and our loved ones can experience His all-encompassing protection. There’s no time like now to lay hold of the truths and power of God’s prayer of protection through this impactful study guide. 

Each chapter contains powerful truths from the main book, The Prayer of Protection, as well as relevant questions that will take you on a heart-transforming journey as you study the truths of God’s divine protection in Psalm 91. Be established in God’s protection promises, find fear replaced with faith, and begin to live confidently and fearlessly even in these dangerous times.


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The Prayer Of Protection Book

The Prayer Of Protection Essential Package

The Prayer Of Protection Audiobook

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