Upcoming Speaking Engagements

TBN Hope & Grace Israel Tour
March 4-13, 2018

Pastor Joseph Prince will be preaching on-site in Israel from March 4 to 13, 2018, together with Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen.

This tour is organized by the world’s largest Christian television network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and will be hosted by Matt and Laurie Crouch.

For tour details and registration information for departure from the US, please visit the TBN website or call 1-800-929-4684.

(Please note that all transactions will be made directly with the commercial travel agency appointed by TBN, and Joseph Prince Ministries is not affiliated or related to the travel agency in any way. The funds received to participate in this tour are directly and entirely used to cover your travel expenses, and are NOT considered tax-deductible donations to Joseph Prince Ministries.)