Reaching the next generation with the gospel of grace

Decibel, an initiative of Joseph Prince Ministries, started in 2017 with a vision to reach young people with the gospel of grace.

It is an online channel and digital magazine that’s full of bite-size videos, articles, and other inspiring content.

Decibel was birthed from the desire to see these precious young people have biblical, yet practical handles to thrive in an (oftentimes scary) world that constantly tries to define them by its standards.

We know that God’s Word says that there is a higher and better way to live. It is our hope that with what we do at Decibel, in getting His Word out, more young people will let grace in—in to the situations in their lives, in to their everyday worlds, and in to the cares that burden their hearts.

We pray that these materials will help them start living the abundant life in Christ, and fulfil their God-given destinies.

Believing that God will put names of young people on your heart to share Decibel with as well. You can find us at, as well as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

If you would like to support this on-going initiative by Joseph Prince Ministries, you may donate here.

God bless you!
Team JP

Your donations are received with the understanding that the ministry has full discretion to channel these donations to support the preaching of the gospel of grace, as well as humanitarian and evangelistic programs of the ministry. Thank you for your support that helps us proclaim the love of Jesus to the world.