Grace Revolution Church

Jesus-centered. Grace-based. Spirit-active.

Founded by Joseph Prince Ministries in 2014, Grace Revolution Church (GRC) in Dallas, Texas, is now home to a vibrant community of believers.

Passionate about genuinely encountering God’s transforming grace and building a grace-based community, GRC is a place of family, encouragement, and support that is anchored on seeing more and more of Jesus, and living the glorious lives He’s called us to.

We gather for services every Sunday where the life-changing gospel is preached, and also hang out with one another on other days of the week. We meet in Care Groups twice a month to share the Word and our lives, pray for one another, and worship the Lord together. It doesn’t matter which season of life you’re in—if you’re single, married, still in school, or a senior—there’s a place for you here!

If you’re not part of a local church and are looking for a grace-based community to get planted in, we’ll like to welcome you to join us for services every week—online!

We meet:

  • Online every Sunday
  • At two campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth (TX) area*

* In view of the national emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are currently no in-person services at GRC until further notice.

You can expect:

  • A special time of worship
  • Partaking of the holy Communion
  • A recent message from Pastor Joseph Prince
  • A chance to meet and chat with fellow believers from our GRC family


Online Campus
Sundays: 9.00am, 11.00am and 5.00pm
Wednesdays: 7.30PM

North Richland Hills Campus*
North Richland Hills
8800 N Tarrant Parkway, Suite 100, North Richland Hills, TX 76182

Plano Campus*
Plano Event Center
2000 E Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75074

* In view of the national emergency due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there are currently no in-person services at GRC until further notice. For the latest updates on service timings, do head over to

A City of Refuge in Modern Times

“Everything I teach about the gospel of grace functions best in the context of a local church where there is fellowship, accountability, and wise counsel… Something powerful happens when God’s people are planted in an assembly of believers that is part of the body of Christ.”
—Joseph Prince

In 2014, with so many precious lives in America having been transformed by the gospel of grace, the Lord put in Joseph’s heart to set up a local church where these believers could find Jesus-centered teaching and kingdom friends with whom they could laugh, cry, and grow as they shared their journeys of faith.

The importance of the local church has long been on Joseph’s heart. “It is not God’s heart for you to take this journey of faith on your own,” Joseph had shared on many occasions. “Certainly, you can learn a lot by reading books or watching sermons online, but God’s heart is for you to be part of a community of faith.

“In the Father’s house, people experience healing, breakthroughs, protection, and other blessings…Where is the power of our ascended Lord Jesus to live God-glorifying, uncommon lives in this broken and fallen world? It is found in the church! His power, His authority, and His fullness are all found in the church, our city of refuge where we can run to, be built up, and be blessed to be a blessing!”

A Powerful, Grace-Based Community

Nancy has fully recovered from Trigeminal Neuralgia with the support of her GRC family.
Nancy has fully recovered from Trigeminal Neuralgia with the support of her GRC family.

Since Day One, we’ve been seeing this happen in the lives of our people. In 2015, one of our church members, Nancy, was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition that her doctor could not guarantee would be cured by any one procedure. That was when Nancy discovered how having a church family meant people being there for her and her family through tough times.

“People would find their way to me in church and pray for me,” Nancy recalled. “My church friends also sent me Holy Communion elements to take as often as I wanted. Although I’d been listening to Pastor Prince since 2007, having GRC feed me the living Word and other believers stand in the gap with me became my saving grace!” Praise Jesus, Nancy has since completely recovered after surgery.

She is just one of many people who have been blessed by the GRC community. The church is truly a manifestation of the cities of refuge the Bible talks about in Joshua 20!

Raising Champions in Christ

Not just the adults are blessed. At GRC, our children, teens, and young adults also grow up in the same strong community that is solidly grounded in God’s Word and His grace.

We prioritize creating Christ-centered programs at our various ministries tailored for different age groups, to help our young people grow up strong in the Lord’s love, know who they are in Christ, dare to be different, and discover their glorious destinies in Him.

At our children’s ministry, Rock Kidz, children from two years old through sixth graders enjoy engaging, grace-based programs every Sunday that set them up to be Jesus-conscious throughout the week. For one, they learn to take the Holy Communion when they are sick and remember how the Lord purchased their healing at the cross. Seventh to twelfth graders have their own services at Revolution Youth, as well as fun activities like outdoor camps. The Young Adults ministry also has monthly services on Friday nights with messages tailored to their current season in life.

Through our fun and exciting programs and guidance from loving leaders, our young people are uncovering their God-given giftings. They are also serving their generation, and experiencing the true riches of being rooted in the Father’s house!

GRC was set up for anyone who wants to consistently experience the life-transforming grace of God through the preaching of the Word, and to keep growing and thriving in a safe, grace-based community.

And that’s our invitation to you today.

Wherever you’re at in life, we believe that the Lord has great things in store for you at GRC. Whether you’re simply passing through Dallas or you're not yet planted in a local church and are looking for a grace-based church to call home, we welcome you!

Be Part of Building the Local Church

We believe the local church—whom God calls His Bride—is so dear and close to His heart. It's where His people are nourished, strengthened, and find support as well as breakthroughs as they take their journey of faith together. We invite you to be part of building the local church with us.

Grace Revolution Church was founded by Joseph Prince Ministries, a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Your offerings go toward supporting the maintenance and operations of the local church, and the ministry has full discretion to use any excess funds for the humanitarian and evangelistic initiatives of the ministry. Thank you for your generous support and for partnering with us to proclaim the love of Jesus to the world.