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Fresh Grace For Every Trouble


My business is in trouble.

My child is hanging with the wrong friends.

I’ve been troubled by these pains in my body.

Perhaps you can relate to one or all of the above. If so, I want to give you a revelation of God’s grace that will cause you to face your troubles—including every new one that comes your way—with hope, confidence, and faith.

Waves of Grace for Every Wave of Adversity

Check out this amazing promise in John 1:16 that says:

And of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.

Did you know that the word “for” in the verse’s original Greek language is the word “anti”? While anti can mean “against”, it also means “in place of”. So the verse actually reads: “And of His fullness we have all received, and grace in place of grace.”

Take a moment to imagine this: You’re sitting on a beach, watching wave after wave from the majestic ocean roll onto the shore in infinite cycles. Before one wave has fully receded, the next one comes crashing in powerfully. One wave on the heels of another. Endlessly.

Grace in place of grace.

Beloved, there is a fresh wave of God’s grace rushing toward you for every new trial or trouble that comes your way. Our natural inclination is to look in despair at the waves of adversity in our lives, but our loving heavenly Father wants us to look by faith at His waves of grace washing over us—one after another without end—and receive from His fullness every practical supply we need.

It pleases Him when we own our position as His beloved child, and simply trust in His inexhaustible supply of grace in our lives.

What Happened at the Arcade

Years ago when my daughter Jessica was three, I remember taking her to an arcade. She found a game she liked and quickly learned how to win at this game. She also discovered very quickly that as long as she kept slotting tokens into the machine, she could keep playing and winning.

I loved watching Jessica smile and her eyes light up when she won. While her eyes were on the game, mine were on the quickly disappearing tokens by her hand. So while she enjoyed her game, I ran back and forth buying more tokens to replace the ones she had used.

All she knew was that the tokens never seemed to run out. And all I knew was that I wanted to keep seeing her enjoy herself for as long as I could.

As Jessica’s dad, it brought me great pleasure to see my darling girl enjoying the game, simply trusting that the supply of tokens would keep coming.

God at Work, You at Rest

My friend, the Bible tells us that we have a loving Father who knows our needs even before we encounter them. He provided fresh manna every morning unfailingly for His people as they wandered in the desert (even though their behavior was not perfect). As long as they leaned upon His grace, they never went hungry.

Whatever tomorrow may bring, God has promised that He has new mercies for you every morning—fresh grace that is more than sufficient for every demand or challenge that every new day may bring (see Lam. 3:22–23). 

Back then at the arcade, my cash eventually ran out but God’s supply of grace is inexhaustible. Today, if you’re tired or depleted in any area of life, see a fresh wave of His provision, healing, and shalom-peace come upon your situation, and find new strength, protection, and supply to ride out every wave of adversity victoriously.

Watch this clip and get a powerful picture of how God sends a fresh wave of grace for every new trouble you face, and receive an uplifting prayer of blessing over you to receive God's fresh supply for your challenges today.

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