Accepting All The Amazing Things Jesus Did

I must thank you first of all for making available for any amount your monthly resource CD bundle called Condemnation Kills. I can't begin to tell you how much I needed this message.

One day, I saw you on television via the Internet while sitting in the lobby of my local hospital. Just by watching, I knew that something good would come from ordering the CD bundle. Thank God I ordered it and listened to it because miracle after miracle has been happening in my life.

I am gaining more confidence because I am being released from so much baggage that I have been carrying. I am learning how to do that by accepting all the amazing things that Jesus did for me on the cross. Even though I have heard many times that my sins are forgiven, somehow, I still felt so guilty for not being able to do all that the commandments required. I could not understand how I was saved by grace and did not feel any better because I still felt guilty and ashamed for not being able to stop falling into the same sins of my past.

Praise the name of our Lord forever for sending me this CD bundle so that I may discover all the treasures I have because of the precious gift of Jesus.

Please continue this most important and necessary work, so that many people will be blessed. Thank you again.

Rosaline Patterson
Virginia, United States