As He Is, So Are We In This World

In December 2008, my father introduced me to your ministry. I had been hit hard during that time which started with me losing the job that I loved. Soon thereafter, I became ill with the flu and then my health started to deteriorate. Eventually, I was diagnosed with an immune-deficient skin condition of the mouth (lichen planus).

My way of dealing with my stress was to drink every time I was anxious. I just felt that I had no purpose and that I had failed in life. After some time of listening to your audio CDs and watching you on Christian Television Network, I was reminded that as Jesus is, so are we in this world. I started coming around and just felt His presence.

Now, by the grace of God, I've had the job that I lost restored to me (same position). I've lost weight and look better than I have in years even though I'm only 27. Best of all, for the last four months, I've been the top producer in my company with the exception of being second out of 17 salespeople this month only because my wife and I enjoyed a week-long cruise together. And if that isn't enough, on 17 May 2011, Michelle and I are expecting our first child. I have nothing more to say except, “Amen!” The revelation you give about Jesus is life changing. Thank you.

Sean Williams
Florida, United States