Barrier Of Sin Demolished By Jesus

I just wanted to let you know that my life has totally changed since watching Joseph Prince on television, listening to his podcasts and reading his two books. Before I discovered Joseph Prince on TV, I was under the law trying to live right and when I didn't, I expected punishment.

Now, I know that my righteousness is a gift of God. I have been saved through faith by grace and not because of anything I have done. It is so good to know that I cannot lose my righteousness and that I am always in right standing with God. Now, I know that God really does love me and I can go to Him in prayer because the barrier of sin that was between us has been demolished by Jesus. Oh, how wonderful that is to me.

I could tell you more about how I have been changed due to Joseph's ministry, but I would be writing a book. So I just want to say thanks for preaching the grace of God!

Donna Jones
Tennessee, United States