Broken Heart Healed, Feeling Jesus' Love All Over Again

After my father passed away in 2005, I lost the joy of the Lord. My mother has been watching your broadcast program for quite some time now, but I just couldn't "find the time" to watch it. In May 2011, I finally did find the time to watch it. Praise the Lord!

Your messages from the Hillsong convention where you preached "Grace=Love=Jesus" was the reminder I needed. I opened my heart and allowed Jesus to heal my heart. His love is beautifully encompassing, and I have missed Him so much. I feel His love like I haven't had in years and I know that He missed me too.

Although I didn't "backslide", I still was not living in the fullness of His love. Since hearing your messages, I have begun making changes in my lifestyle to accommodate more exclusive time for Him. It's sad to see how I have squeezed Him out, while trying to cope with life's situations on my own.

I know that He helped me through them all but I also know that if I hadn't tried so hard to do things on my own, life would have been much fuller and difficult situations would not have affected me as much as they did.

Thank you for sharing His message of love and grace and the "much more" He has in His heart for us. His messages through you are answers to my prayers. I thank God for you and pray that much more than what you and your family have already experienced, thought or dreamt will be delivered to you! I thank Jehovah for His love! I am confessing and believing for healing of psoriasis! Thank you for your continued messages.

Virginia, United States