Chest Pain Gone after Praying Luke 17

One day while preparing to go to church, I suddenly felt a heaviness on my chest—like being weighed down by concrete. My movement became slow and I tried to cough hoping to improve my condition. But that did not help.

On our way to church, I prayed. Once in a while I would cough again to see if my condition would improve but nothing changed.

After the service, the pain was still there. My husband wanted to bring me to the emergency room but I opted not to as we had to go back to the church in the afternoon for my daughter’s water baptism.

I took a nap but I was having a hard time lying straight as I could hardly breathe. Even when getting up from bed, I needed assistance. While preparing to go back to church for my daughter’s water baptism, my condition became worse and I could hardly bend. The pain had extended to my back.

After the service, my husband asked me again if I wanted to go to the emergency room but I declined as I did not want to tire him. It was a long day for us already and I planned to see my doctor the following day after work.

While I was sleeping, God woke me up and reminded me of Pastor Prince’s preaching on Luke 17. Jesus spoke on the mulberry tree being uprooted and planted in the sea. I prayed that the pain in my chest be uprooted and planted in the sea. Then I coughed very mildly and I felt something lifted from my chest. Lo and behold, the pain was gone!

I praised God and continued to pray for my back. Even though I still felt the pain in my back, I stood on His promise that by His stripes I am healed.

I went to work the next day and went to see my doctor after work. She had me do an electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood test right away. Praise God that the ECG, blood test, and stress test all came back normal. She has also ordered a heart echogram and more stress tests for me, and I am believing God for completely normal results.

Thank God for His amazing works and thank you, Pastor Prince. My family and I have been regularly watching your preaching on YouTube as part of our family devotion at night. We are truly blessed by the wisdom and understanding that God has given you. We have been learning a lot about the Word of God and find our faith being strengthened.