Cycle Of Sin Stopped By Grace Message

I have been in an enormous struggle with substance abuse that began when I was 13 years old. I became a believer in 1991, but was still bound to it. I got to a point where the enemy had convinced me that I was never saved, and never could be because I was "reprobate" and thus, "un-savable".

God led me to this ministry one morning as I was flicking through the channels on my television while getting ready to leave for work. This message of grace has changed me and the way I see myself in Christ. I now know that the condemnation I was feeling was coming from the enemy and not God. This condemnation was driving me into a cycle of sin.

Grace has stopped this cycle and now I truly feel freedom, joy and PEACE! Wonderful, beautiful, amazing peace. I'm excited about what the Lord will do in my life. I realized that He never left me and never will. I praise Jesus for giving me this beautiful message of grace, love and forgiveness through Pastor Joseph. Thank you.

Michigan, United States