Delivered From 40-Year Addiction To Alcohol And Cigarettes

My wife and I have been blessed listening to Pastor Prince’s teachings. As a result of hearing the message of grace, I have been completely delivered from a forty-year addiction to alcohol and cigarettes without any side effects. Both addictions were gone within a week. It’s a miracle!

Even my wife is amazed at how wonderfully God delivered me. I no longer have any desire for alcohol or cigarettes and I’ve become a better man and husband. I know I’m the righteousness of God in Christ and I’m enjoying the Lord’s love for me each day. Thank You, Jesus.

I would also like to thank Pastor Prince for his teaching on the Holy Communion. After learning powerful truths about it, my wife and I decided to partake of it together regularly. Our marriage is fabulous now and we are so thankful!

This freedom in Christ feels great! I know God loves me and only wants good things for me. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for sharing truths about Jesus and His amazing grace.

John Johnson
Illinois, United States