Delivered From Addictions, Completely Healed Of ITP And Evans Syndrome

Up until a few months ago, I was addicted to cigarettes and marijuana for 18 years and also to pornography. I had tried many times to quit all three because I knew they were wrong but felt so condemned that I couldn’t. The pornography addiction led me to massage parlors, which then led to me feeling even more condemned than before, as no one knew I was doing this.

This past spring of 2011, I grew very sick. First, I couldn’t sleep. The lack of rest wore me down and made it hard to function especially in my job. By April during Easter Sunday, my legs became so weak and I couldn’t keep food down. I was bruising very easily and my entire body was covered in petechiae (small, red spots caused by minor hemorrhages also known as broken capillary blood vessels). It just felt incredibly uncomfortable. My body felt so wrong, yet I couldn’t explain it to my wife and family.

A few days later, my wife and I went to a local doctor who didn’t seem worried at all about my condition. Considering how I was feeling and the fact that we had done some research on the Internet, my wife demanded that the doctor order lab work. The doctor was reluctant to do that and even said, “Don’t worry, you’re not going to die this year,” and laughed it off. But we insisted that he ordered blood tests anyway. Before we left the office, he told us that we would get our results the following week.

My wife couldn’t believe that we had to wait a whole week for the results because we knew something was very wrong. So she asked the doctor to give me something for my anxiety because all day long, I would look at my symptoms—the petechiae, the big, black sores I had developed in my mouth, my swollen tongue, among other things. And it made me sicker and more worried.

Two days later in the evening, I received a message on my cell phone from the doctor saying that he didn’t want to worry me, but he had gotten my results. He told me that I needed to get to the emergency room immediately because my blood platelets were at 4,000 when the normal range for blood platelets is 150,000 to 400,000. I was at risk of spontaneous bleeding.

Within the next few weeks, I was admitted into a couple of different hospitals on separate times, with my lowest count being at 1,000. I was diagnosed with ITP and Evans Syndrome—an autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks its own platelets and red blood cells and destroys them. The doctors administered infusions of blood products via IV, and had me on super-high doses of steroids. The steroids which I reacted terribly to, made me so depressed that at one point, I even had to tell my wife to hide the guns in our home because I couldn’t get terrible thoughts of using them on myself out of my mind.

Due to taking the steroids, I couldn’t think or even carry on normal conversations. I cried constantly. Our three kids didn’t know what to think of what was happening. It was very hard on our family. I actually started telling people that God was punishing me for things I had done.

Every time I received an infusion and the doctors upped my steroid dosage, my platelets went up to a normal range but it would never last for very long. My immune system continued attacking and destroying my platelets no matter what treatment I was getting. I was constantly getting my blood drawn, constantly checking to see what my count was, constantly aware of all the symptoms Evans was causing and the side effects of the steroids.

Then, somewhere in the middle of all of this, the Holy Spirit led me to your television ministry. By the grace of God, I ended up on a channel I never turned to and saw the Grace Capsule. The Holy Spirit told me to get the Grace Capsule so I called the number shown but didn’t get it when I heard how much it was. For the next two days, Jesus kept prompting me to get it. Finally, I called back and ordered it. The lady on the phone told me that it would take one to three weeks for it to arrive but guess what? It came in TWO DAYS! Right before my wife and I had to go on another trip to the hospital, which was a three-hour drive away.

And let me tell you, your Grace Capsule was a gift from God. Through your teachings, Daddy God showed me His love. I went from feeling condemned, like God was punishing me, to beholding the finished work of Jesus on the cross. He miraculously took all my bondages away—the cigarettes, the pornography, the marijuana, everything.

I had back pain and acid reflux for years but by listening over and over to your sermons and hearing and hearing them constantly—at home or in the hospital even all through the night, the pain and acid reflux went away. It is now four months later and PRAISE BE TO JESUS, I still have no acid reflux or back pain!

Three months ago, my spleen was removed, with the hope that the ITP/Evans would go away, or at least be lessened. But even after the surgery, my count dropped again. The only two options for treatment were more severe, in our minds, one being chemotherapy. By now, I’d been listening to the Grace Capsule for about a month and finally, I decided to give the Evans Syndrome to God. I stopped doing blood counts, started ignoring all of my symptoms and started thanking the Lord for my complete healing.

Now, Jesus has restored everything to me better than it was before. He has given me more strength, more energy and a lot more love. I thought I loved before but now I know what true love is because of my Father’s love and Jesus’ love for me. I haven’t had a count done in months. My wife and I take the Lord’s Supper every day. Now, we thank Jesus every day for healing us with the stripes He bore for us at the cross.

The Lord is using both my wife and I to reach others and the Holy Spirit is doing amazing things through your materials and the drastic transformation they see in me without a single effort from me because Jesus has done it all for me. All praises be to Him!

Another miracle is that we wanted to see you in Texas next month. As we live in California, we asked God if we should go and by His grace, things worked out to where we were able to get two roundtrip tickets, a rental car and three-night’s hotel stay for under $500. Again, Praise Jesus!

Pastor Prince, I love you for everything that you are doing for Jesus. He gave me a word through four separate people in a span of about two days during the Evans ordeal, which was, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Once I listened to that, He began His work.

Jesus is amazing. He is blessing us so much and I know now that I am forgiven FOREVER. He loves me so much. Thank you for your ministry. I see Jesus all through the Bible now, thanks to Him opening my eyes through your ministry. I love it. I thank Him for showing me the truth about His grace through you.

California, United States