Delivered from Depression and Shame, Now Married and Blessed

I was raised as a Christian and had accepted Christ in 1985. The many Christian churches I went to always taught a mixture of law and grace, and I was a lukewarm Christian. My dad was a womanizer and I grew up seeing how my mum suffered as a result. This and the lack of a father’s love made me believe wrongly and accept a man whom I thought was giving me the right kind of love.

I lived with him for about 6 years in a relationship full of betrayal, deceit and lies. We finally ended our relationship with so much pain, condemnation and shame in me. I thought that God was mad at me for all the sins that I had committed since I was a kid, and thought that they were all recorded in the Book of Life. When judgement comes, I thought I wouldn’t be fit for heaven.

Soon after my break-up, I came to Singapore to work. At that time, I was full of negative emotions—pain, depression, anger, shame, fear, condemnation and anxieties. I also had thoughts of suicide, and prayed that God would lead me to a church. I started attending New Creation Church in December 2004.

At first, I wondered: “Why is this pastor always talking about God’s goodness? What about God’s wrath and judgement?” But I felt prompted to just listen, and I kept attending the services and immersing myself in Pastor Prince’s messages—in the morning, on my way to and from work, and when I got home.

I finally realized how great the gospel of grace is and how much Pastor Prince was unveiling the beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ. It made me want to always attend church services and best of all, it made me realize how much Jesus loves me. I started serving in church in 2009. God also answered my prayer, according to my heart’s desire, for a believing husband.

In the later part of 2010, I left for the United States with my husband and brought along my entire collection of Pastor Prince’s message CDs. I watch his television broadcast every day and I’m so thankful that it’s available here. I have also been sharing about God’s grace at work and giving out Pastor Prince’s books and CDs to the people around me.

Looking back, my life has been transformed since 2004. I was a miserable person with self-pity and self-condemnation but now I know God’s love. Looking to Jesus gives me peace and the life He wants me to have. Though there are many challenges, our wonderful Jesus gives me strength each day.

Thank you so very much, Pastor Prince, for spreading the gospel of grace!

Oklahoma, United States