Delivered from Long-Term Sexual Addiction in Two Weeks

Pastor Prince, I had been struggling with an addiction to pornography for many years. After receiving Christ as my Savior, I tried several times to overcome my addiction by suppressing my desire for pornography. I would be successful for some days, sometimes even months. But the desire never left.

Eventually, all my suppression turned for the worse. I indulged in various sexual practices and roleplaying through online chats. I felt guilty, disgusted, and very worried, but I simply could not break my habit.

Later, I heard your message on breaking free from addictions. I learned that even when I sin, I am still the righteousness of God in Christ. I realized God is not angry with me and I can always go back to Him.

I also learned that I could confess and believe that I am righteous in Christ, even while watching pornography. So I confessed and believed this truth for two weeks, and within that time, God delivered me! Now I have no desire for pornography or to indulge in any immoral sexual activities.

I thank God for saving and freeing me from my long-term addiction. I also thank Him for directing me to your message. May God bless you and your ministry.