Encountered Gospel of Grace in Prison, Life Transformed

I had been in prison for 6 years when I came across Joseph Prince. A fellow inmate who was about to be released gave me a television. I was channel surfing when I saw Pastor Prince teaching on the gospel of grace.

When I first heard him, I thought, If only this could be true. However, as I continued to watch and listen, the scales fell from my eyes and I knew that this good news was true. Immediately, I began to see transformation in my life.

I was released 5 years early from my maximum sentence. My daughter, whom I had not seen in many years was waiting for me. Oh, what joy I felt holding her in my arms! And getting to know my granddaughter has been amazing as well. I’ve been sharing the gospel of grace at every opportunity I get.

Few things in this life approximate a tomb like a 23-hour lockdown prison cell, so I feel like I have been resurrected from the dead! Thank you, Pastor Prince, and thank You, Jesus, for giving me back my life and family.

Ken Benmathew
Michigan, United States