Fantastic Blood Test Results After Prayer And Anointing With Oil

My mind has been renewed to know the amazing love of the Father. I was like the prodigal son coming home, and it was during my journey that the Father used your Daily Grace Inspirations on healing, the divine exchange at the cross and the fact that I was standing on victory ground that Jesus had purchase for me to minister to me.

For about two years, I had been struggling with symptoms that told me there was something wrong with me. I finally went to a doctor and was referred to a specialist. By the time I got to see the specialist, my condition worsened and I had to be urgently admitted to hospital for a collapsed bladder. After being discharged, I had to return for a urethral resection.

Things weren't the best for me following that first operation. I had to go back for another operation and was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor did some tests to check the state of the cancer and it was found to be grade eight, which was very high. The specialist gave me very grim news. The only treatment available in the natural was medication three times a day and a follow up check every three months.

My wife Sylvia prayed for me and we stood together on the scriptures that God gave me. I was also prayed for by my cell group. The scripture the Lord gave me was John 9:1–3, where the disciples were asking Jesus about the blind man, whether he or his parents had sinned. Jesus replied that neither this man nor his parents had sinned, but that the man was blind so that the works of God would be revealed in him.

I took hold of that Word and claimed it for myself every day. Another scripture that the Lord gave me was John 10:10—"The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy but I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly." I also claimed that scripture for my life boldly.

As written in God's Word (James 5:14–15), Sylvia and I also called the elders of our church, Ian and Lyn, to come and pray for me. They anointed me with oil and prayed over me. I felt the power of God going through me wave after wave. Sylvia had her hand on my back and she could feel something going up and down my back. Ian left us with the oil to anoint with and pray every day, which we did. Sylvia would anoint me with the oil, and we would pray and have the Holy Communion together every night. I noticed the symptoms going away and I started to feel great, wonderful even!

Last Tuesday, I had my first three-monthly check up. The specialist was amazed with me! The blood test results showed everything in the normal range. She said that my blood test was "fantastic" and that I was the best thing that happened to her that day! She reduced my medication and scheduled me for another appointment in three months' time.

As you can imagine, I walked out of the room praising God! THANK YOU JESUS!

I had to write to encourage you and let you know how God has used your teachings. Thank you! Keep preaching that amazing LOVE AND GRACE OF THE FATHER.

Neil Clow
New Zealand