Food Allergy Symptoms Disappeared after Partaking of Communion

I have gluten intolerance and cannot eat any products containing wheat.

My husband and I had gone to a local sandwich shop that advertised gluten-free rolls and I ate a sandwich. Shortly after getting home, I became very ill with nausea and vomiting. I thought the bread must have been cross-contaminated with other bread in the shop.

I prayed and began to fast and drink clear liquids. Nothing was working. Then the Lord brought to mind the Health and Healing Is Your Inheritance Teaching Kit that I had just received in the mail. The kit contained the booklets—The Significance of Grain, Wine, and Oil in the New Covenant and Eating Your Way to Wholeness: A Practical Guide to the Holy Communion.

The Lord directed me to partake of the Holy Communion for healing. I took the wafer and juice and ALL my symptoms of nausea, stomach pains, and sickness disappeared! To God be the glory!

God bless you, Pastor Prince. You are daily in my prayers!

Pennsylvania, United States