Free from Legalism, Experiencing Multiple Breakthroughs

I was first introduced to Joseph Prince’s teachings by my mother. Being raised Christian, I knew Scripture and wanted to do right, but I never really understood what having a relationship with Jesus was like.

I had been serving in the navy and when I was back home on leave, my mom asked me to watch a sermon by Pastor Prince. I never forgot his accent and loved his passion. Shortly after I returned to my duty station in California, I found out my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

I prayed so many times for her healing and believed God could do it if He was willing. I was attending a church that was very legalistic and was advised that I needed to have enough faith to experience God’s miracles.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away from cancer right before I got out of the military. It was a very difficult time for me. I was so brokenhearted and really struggled with not knowing why God didn’t heal her. I was raised to believe in healing and constantly wondered if I had not done or believed enough for her healing.

The Holy Spirit led me to a message by Joseph Prince. Listening to it freed me from depending on my works and showed me that Jesus has done everything at the cross—all I had to do was sit and receive. This revelation changed my life and healed my heart!

I made the decision to get into God’s Word every day and allowed the Holy Spirit guide me. The message of grace was so wonderful that addictions just fell off me. I was able to quit smoking—a habit I’d picked up in the navy—without even trying. I just lost the desire for it.

I’ve been listening to Pastor Prince for years and it is now part of my daily routine. I watch the weekly sermons on the website every morning before I start my day. I’ve also read many of his books and received so much freedom from legalism and operating in the flesh. I’ve been healed of a degenerative disk disease that I’ve had for 10 years by continually listening to the Word and partaking of the Communion on a regular basis.

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace and being a servant to God. My life has been completely changed.

Isaac Vineyard
California, United States