Freed from 45-Year Alcohol Addiction

I had a daily habit of drinking after work and at night for the past 45 years. I tried to quit on my own by praying, but I always returned to drinking. I did not let it interfere with work or other activities but I knew this was an obstacle between me and God.

One morning, I was watching Joseph Prince on television and what he said about sin touched me deeply. He said each time Jesus was struck and beaten, it was for our sins. It made me think about the way He was tortured on His way to being crucified. I visualized Jesus being struck for my alcoholism and began to pray for God to help me with my addiction.

Suddenly, I sat up in bed as if someone took me by my shoulders and gave me one good shake. I began to cry uncontrollably as I continued to visualize Jesus being whipped for my sins. In those moments, I lost my taste for wine or any alcohol. That day, I saw what the power of the Holy Spirit can do.

It has been several weeks, and I have no desire to drink! Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, Pastor Prince!

Louisiana, United States