Freed From Agitating Fears After Understanding Jesus' Love

I heard the gospel of grace preached by Pastor Prince at the Rhema Conference in October 2009. And I have to say, my life was radically changed that day, as was my husband and others who were with us.

Previously, I was a person full of "agitating fears", but since that day, I have improved so much. Now, I have such peace just by understanding and focusing on the love of Christ.

I have also read both your books and have been deeply changed by them. I love to buy them as gifts for people. I am falling more and more in love with Jesus and I have decided that my children must hear about His love every day.

The Lord has given me an opportunity to preach in our church and the message of grace is all that I am determined to preach. How liberating it is for God's people to know the love of Christ.

I am so blessed because you have been obedient to the Lord. Thank you and may the Lord take you from glory to glory. God bless you.

Carla Greig
Cape Town, United States