Freed From Cycle Of Defeat Through Gift Of Righteousness

I watch you on Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and your broadcast program, Destined To Reign, is a lifeline for me. The Spirit of God had been speaking to me about grace for some time. For more than 30 years, I carried the burden of shame and guilt due to a mistake that affected me and my family throughout the years. I had fallen and did not know how to get up.

I went to seek help from various Christian counselors and it seemed as though nobody could help me. I felt STUCK, going nowhere. I began to believe that God was punishing me and that He would deliver me in His time. Although, I continued to fast, pray, tithe, go to church, read my Bible and try to obey God's Word, I lived a life of resentment, anger, hatred and bitterness. I felt like a failure in life.

It seemed like other folks were enjoying God's goodness while I was waiting on God to get me out of the "miry clay". Although I know that God's Word says, "He is faithful to forgive me," I forgave everyone else but I was unable to forgive myself. I remained under the law and condemnation for years. I was confused, miserable and unhappy.

I believed that God had good and not evil plans for my life. However, I was trying to think myself happy and I tried to do good to everyone and not be “bad” anymore so that I would be pleasing to God. However, I remained in a vicious cycle of defeat and waited for God to get me out of the destructive pit.

Now, I have the revelation of the gift of righteousness and the gift of grace. Now, I understand what it means when Jesus said, "IT IS FINISHED." Now, I know what Jesus meant when He said, "Whom the Son sets free, is FREE indeed."

I thank God for untangling me from the yoke of bondage of legalism and self-effort. I read those scriptures under the law for years and now at age 60, I finally understand the song that says, "His Grace is SUFFICIENT for me—God's Grace is sufficient for me".

Pastor Joseph, thank you for stepping out and preaching grace.

Marcia Blake
Virginia, United States