Freed from Drug Addiction and Psychosis, Now Sharing Gospel with Others Struggling with Substance Abuse

I was addicted to crystal meth for 3.5 years since I was 24. I was in a drug-induced psychosis and lived in my car. When I was 28, my psychosis led me to believe that the rapture had happened, and the Christians who remained didn’t have any souls. I was afraid and believed I was condemned.

Then my mom gave me a 2008 CD of Joseph Prince. I had believed the rapture happened in 2012, and since this sermon was before the rapture, I listened to it. I heard the gospel of grace, that if I believed that I am saved by Jesus’ finished work at the cross, there would be no more condemnation for me.

I am now clean and sober. I had a long journey, but I am no longer in psychosis. I don’t have schizophrenia, which is a miracle because I was in psychosis for many years. The rapture hasn’t happened, and I now share the gospel with other drug addicts including my brother, who is in rehab and going to church now.

Thanks to Joseph Prince—his passion for Christ inspires me! Praise God for using human vessels. Thank you!