Gave Birth to Healthy Boy Despite Bad Reports

During my fifth month of pregnancy, I did a chromosomal abnormalities test and the results were positive. That meant I either had to let go of my baby or deal with a special-needs child. My husband and I were speechless but after we calmed down, we just declared that Jesus has the last word on everything, something we learned from watching one of Joseph Prince’s videos.

We asked the doctor to do the test again and this time, the results turned out negative. My baby and I were fine! Then during week 34 of my pregnancy, the doctor asked me to go for a C-section, but that would mean my baby would be born premature. We went for a second opinion and the doctor told us we could wait till the due date, assuring us that we would have a healthy baby.

My son was born healthy and is one-and-a-half-years old now. We’re so thankful to Joseph Prince. From the time my husband and I began watching his videos on YouTube and on God Channel, our lives have changed so much!

Shimone Nicole