God Changes Erratic Weather Because He Cares

Recently, I sent in a prayer request concerning the erratic weather we were having here in Ohio. The other night, when our tree was covered with ice, I thought it might just fall right over my home because it was creaking and groaning so much. It hangs over my bedroom—literally over my bed.

I was so concerned that I slept on a recliner that evening. But before I went to bed, I went outside at 3:30am and tried to knock the ice off some of the branches. It worked somewhat until I broke my broom and realized that it was not doing all that much good.

Since I am a single mother, it was a big concern to me having broken branches and perhaps a fallen tree on my house. Then, I sent you a prayer request and asked that God would do something. And HE did!

Between 3:45am and 8am, when I looked at the tree, all the ice had melted. I checked the weather station report and the temperature rose that early morning to 45 degrees and melted all the ice off of the trees. It was amazing! It was God. He cares and loves me so much. He took care of things again. He is great! Thanks for your prayers.

Beth Mast
Ohio, United States