Grace Is That Simple And Amazing

About nine years ago, I had my first encounter with the message of God's grace. I was struggling with the issue of God's acceptance of me. I thought that Christian life was such tough work (it was draining) and about personal evaluation of one's mistakes.

Then, I stumbled upon a program (Destined To Reign) by Pastor Joseph Prince on Lighthouse Television. I heard him speak and thought that God's grace can't be that simple and amazing. But it has been.

There are days when I don't feel so wonderful, but I get Daily Grace Inspirations sent to my email and sometimes they address directly my situation or a question I have about faith and life.

I am grateful that your ministry has spread the grace message to us and a few times I marvel at the kind of person it is transforming me into. Thank you also for the revelation about the Holy Communion and healing. I am less stressed now about going to my Father God for healing or any other needs.

Kampala, United States